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Bring Hope - Sponsor a child with Open Arms

Every $20 gift per month allows for 1 child to attend an Open Arms Club in their neighborhood.

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Partner with us in Bringing Hope to more children today

Every child deserves the opportunity to grow in wisdom, in strength, in knowledge, and in spirit. Every child is a promise, every child is a possibility, every child bears the image of their Creator and is special. Help us start a child on the path toward a productive life of love, service, honor, and dignity before God and their community. (Proverbs 22:6).

The foundation for our community outreach is our Open Arms Project. An Open Arms Project is where children and qualified Christian volunteers can meet to play, learn and grow. On this foundation we can then build, based on the specific needs and profile of that community.

Your gift allows for more children to participate in an Open Arms Project in their neighborhood.